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We protect property, assets and people in Southern California

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Armed & Unarmed Security Guards

Licensed, Trained, & Fully Equipped Professional Security Guards.

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Security Guard Company In Los Angeles

Allied Nationwide Security has been a security guard company in Los Angeles that’s been the industry leader since 2003. Many claim to be the best security guard companies but only Allied Nationwide is the best. We provide a wide variety of services to meet our client’s individual and unique security needs. We offer a free consultation to any potential clients that would like to discuss their security needs and competitive rates to ensure that you’re getting the best value on security guards Los Angeles. We provide security guard services, Los Angeles, to residential and commercial properties in the following counties:

Around the clock security

Trained medical help

Trained to deter crime

Ready to do the job

Your security is our priority

Professional security guard company

No long term contract required

Always available to assist

Vigilant Guards

Thorough Communication

Documents Activity

Keeps Records

Continuously Supervised

Punctual Guards

Professional Guard

Clean Appearance

Daily Activity Report

Faster Than Police

Our Process

We offer security services on a “trial basis.” No long-term commitment is required. Allied Nationwide Security employees undergo extensive background checks and a rigorous training program that typically exceeds the requirements mandated by California state laws.

A qualified Security consultant will discuss your security needs and concerns. This may include the type of property you have, its location, and any past crimes. The Security consultant will ask additional questions that will help determine the type of protective services best fit for your security concerns.

Following your security consultation, you will receive a detailed proposal that includes an honest and accurate quote. Our rates are competitive; but if a competitor’s price is lower, we’ll match or beat it. Proposals can be delivered via email or fax or presented in person.

To thoroughly assess your security needs and concerns, a security team manager will schedule to meet with you on-site for a walk-through and to determine what your security plan will be.

We will adjust the contract as necessary until we are able to achieve complete agreement on expectations, terms, and scope of service.

We will create Security plan and post orders based upon the contract, conversations with the client, and what we gathered from our site visits. Post orders consist of detailed instructions to inform our guards of their duties.

We select security guards based on skill set, experience, and personality. We make sure the selected guard is best fit to protect you. The selected guards will be trained on the post orders created for your site, and given any additional vital information, they’ll need to protect your site. Our security guards are licensed by the state of California, highly trained, reliable, presentable and punctual.

Guards will arrive on-time, dressed appropriately, and prepared to work. All our guards are required to wear clearly identifiable security attire as dictated by the environment, which ranges from professional to casual. Our security measures include daily communication between our guards and management team and mandatory weekly in-house meetings to keep all of our personnel up-to-date on our clients and their needs.

Our job does not end when we send you a reliable, presentable and punctual officer. it only begins. Clients are provided with daily activity reports, incident reports, and a list of any parking violation warnings. all clients have access to our management 24-hours a day. management will regularly request client feedback on services and personnel, as well as conduct random on-site visits.

A continual process that includes comprehensive security programs customized for each client, regular quality evaluations, and client feedback. TQM measures such as security inspections, on-going training, and emergency response drills ensure that security officers are meeting the high-level service expectations set by Allied Nationwide Security. Our comprehensive Total Quality Management program allows our clients to enjoy peace of mind.

We bill regular and ongoing accounts semi-monthly. If you have a temporary account, we will require a pre-authorization charge form, and run the charge upon completion of service.

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Security Guard Services In Los Angeles

Allied Nationwide Security is the best security guard company in Los Angeles. Our security service provides the best in for you such as a security officer and a private security guard. These can be teams or singular individuals depending on your needs. Allied Nationwide Security can also provide you with an armed security guard or unarmed guards if you need an unarmed security guard service. We also offer services such as golf cart patrol and fire watch in order to make sure you and your employees are as safe and secure as possible. No matter the need or type of job, we have your back to make sure that your people and property are well protected and under surveillance.

Security is not a one size fits all affair. Every business and property is unique and the security needs for those places are just as unique as the people in them. We understand this at Allied Nationwide because we’re a security guard services company that is experienced enough to recognize your unique needs. That’s why we offer so many services. That way we can build a package that fits your needs and budget. Other armed security companies will try to sell you one size fits all packages. We sit down with you and discover your unique needs.

We offer security services on a “trial basis.” No long-term commitment is required. Allied Nationwide Security employees undergo extensive background checks and a rigorous training program that typically exceeds the requirements mandated by California state laws.

A Few Valued Clients

Highest Quality Security Guards

Security is more than just a fast response, it’s about prevention and acting as a deterrent for any would-be trouble makers. We are a security guard company, Los Angeles, that understands this. Prevention should be the focus of every security guard services company, and it’s our primary focus at Allied Nationwide. We provide private security for anyone looking for security guards for hire in Los Angeles. Guards from our security guard services, Los Angeles, do more than prevention though. They can also function as an arm of customer service as our guards are always happy to help a customer, so long as it doesn’t interfere with their security duties.

There’s still another added benefit to the many that security guards from our security guard company in Los Angeles provide. That’s a benefit that we hope you’ll never have to utilize. Emergencies happen and when they do seconds matter more than ever before. Security gives you an option to turn to that are on-site. The response is no longer 6 minutes for the police, it’s immediate. Security guards can help keep the public safe and contain a situation while they wait for the police to arrive. If a situation is developing then they might be able to decelerate the situation. Each situation is different but our guards are trained to handle a variety of different situations.  

Our expert team of security specialists will work with you in order to develop a security strategy that works best for you. We take your security very seriously and pride ourselves on our high quality and well-trained guards, as well as our outstanding customer service.


All of our security guards are registered with the state of California and are excessively screened using a thorough interview process, background checks, and drug testing.


We believe that training will prepare our officers for real life situations at our client post. It’s important to hire the highest quality individuals with the best instincts for the work, it is critical that we sharpen and refine those basic talents with quality training.


Identification card worn while on duty.Clean pressed uniforms, shined black shoes, plain buckle with belt, well groomed and hair well trimmed.


All Of our security guards follow the rules and regulations of our clients as well as our own.They must read the job manual, log and take notes daily for additional instructions. They must follow the post orders of the clients.


Under the Rules and Regulations of our company, our guards must, especially at any sites whereby one guard relieves another, be present on time in order to get a thorough run down of the site.


Unarmed guards: Flashlight, Radio / Walkie-talkie, Pen, Log Book, and Time Clock. Armed guards: Gun, Flashlight, Radio / Walkie-talkie, Pen, Log Book, and Time Clock.

Industries We Proudly Serve

Allied Nationwide understands that each industry is different, and they each have their own set of unique security needs that have to be addressed. We are the best security guard company, Los Angeles, learning how to best serve a variety of different industries with our security guard services, Los Angeles. We’ve taken the time to learn all of the ins and outs of various industries so that we can serve all of them to the quality standards that our clients have come to expect of us and the standard that we hold ourselves to at all times.

When you work with Allied Nationwide Security you can rest assured that we have done our research about how to best work inside your industry so that it can remain secure and can still operate efficiently without security being a problem for efficiency. We cover everything from construction sites, to high rise buildings, apartments, and gated communities. We offer a hotel security service, unarmed security guard service, armed security guard, private security, and if you need we can provide a retail security officer or hospital security officer, or teams of these officers if need be. No matter where you need security or even what type of security you need, Allied Nationwide Security is there for you. There are a lot of armed security companies in Los Angeles, don’t get security you can’t count on. Let us work with you to provide the best security guard company in Los Angeles. Allied Nationwide are the security contractors you need.

Areas We Serve In Southern California

Southern California is prolific for the number of people living in it, with over 16 million people in the greater Los Angeles area alone and even more when you start counting San Diego. With all of the people around, you need a security guard company to help keep your business, property, or neighborhood safe. Allied Nationwide is the security guard company in Los Angeles that you want to have filling your needs for security service. We don’t just help people with security guard services Los Angeles, we also offer several other services that center around either an armed security guard or an unarmed security guard service.

We recognize that if you’re in San Diego that your needs will be different from someone in Los Angeles. The same way your needs will be different than the business just down the road. providing security guard services, Los Angeles, is different than it is in Riverside or San Bernardino but we’ve specialized so that we can protect people across the whole of Southern California, instead of focusing exclusively on Los Angeles. 

So no matter where you are or what type of security you need. Always remember that Allied Nationwide is there to help you and provide you with the security that you deserve. It doesn’t matter where you are in Southern California because we serve it all with the same level of care and expertise that we service someone just down the street. We care about your safety and security, it’s our number one priority.

Los Angeles

We Protect Property, Assets & People In Los Angeles County.

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Ventura County

We Protect Property, Assets & People In Ventura Country.

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Orange County

We Protect Property, Assets & People In Orange County.

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We Protect Property, Assets & People In Riverside.

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We Protect Property, Assets & People In San Bernardino.

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San Diego

We protect Property, Assets & People in San Diego.

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What People Say About Us

#1 Trusted Security Guard Company In Southern California

Walter Quitiz

Construction Site

Los Angeles, CA

“I contracted with Allied Nationwide to keep thieves and vandals off my construction site, and I did not have one problem there for the six months of the project. I highly recommend their security service and I will call them when I get started on my next project”

Joseph Herman


Los Angeles, CA

“The company I work with was having problems at our warehouse with missing inventory and vandalism to our building. AJ helped us to get all set up and our guards were very easy to work with. After working with Allied Nationwide for a few months, our problems began to disappear. One of the best security services in southern California! Would work with again!”


Cypress, CA

“Your company provided top notch service to the City of Bellflower during the construction of the MAYNE Events Center and Fire Museum. Guards were timely and your staff delivered excellent customer service.”

No Long Term Contract

We are far from the only security guard company, Los Angeles. There are quite a few companies who are not entirely above board, companies who want to provide you an inferior product for security services with lazy guards and poor management. It can be hard to spot at first and we understand why new clients might be hesitant to sign a long term deal with a security guard company. After all, they might be swindlers. We put you, the client, first when providing security guard services, Los Angeles. We’re the security guard company you can trust. At Allied Nationwide we’re so confident in our guards and their ability to provide you immediate value that we don’t require that you sign a long term deal.

We offer security services on a “trial basis.” No long-term commitment is required. We custom design protection plans to meet each individual client’s needs. We invest the time and effort necessary to conduct a thorough assessment before designing a customized security strategy. This way you can get the security that you deserve, with security guard Los Angeles, and a security guard company that you’re familiar with and that you can trust. Let us work with you on a “Trial Basis” so that you can see the value that our guards and Allied Nationwide as a whole can bring to you and your property or business.

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Standing Guard

Top Rated Security Guard Company Los Angeles

Allied Nationwide Security offers a full range of protection services to provide our clients with a complete security solution for every need. Allied Nationwide provides Unarmed, Armed, Standing, Fire Watch and Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services. Allied Nationwide Security employees go through extensive training and are equipped with the right tools for the implementation and management of comprehensive safety and security programs. Our security guards adapt and quickly respond to any situation that may arise in order to provide our clients with expert security protection.

We provide Unarmed and Armed security guard officers to large and small commercial, industrial and residential clients. Call 1-800-955-8417 for more information.

Allied Nationwide Security employees undergo extensive background checks and a rigorous training program that typically exceeds the requirements mandated by California state laws.