Security Guard Services in Los Angeles

Security Guard Company Los Angeles

At Allied Nationwide Security, a security guard service in Los Angeles, we offer a variety of stellar security services specific to fit whatever you are looking for. We are pleased to offer free consultations. With this process, a qualified security consultant will talk through what your security concerns and needs are. We also offer proposals with competitive quotes and on-site follow-up meetings. If you decide to hire our services, we will provide you with regular updates including daily activity reports, incident reports, and more. Being a responsible security guard company, we are here to “protect people, property, and assets with fully trained & licensed security guards”. From Golf Cart Petrol to Armed Security Guards, we are happy to protect in whatever capacity you need. For your convenience, here we will list and provide a breakdown of each security service we offer.

Unarmed Security Guard

For security guard services Los Angeles, Allied Nationwide Security offers services with top-trained unarmed security guards. To give you a breakdown before you commit to any service, we want you to know that we offer a free consultation. A proposal with a competitive quote, on-site follow-up meetings, customized security plans, regular updates, and total quality management.

Our Unarmed security guard company is a great solution in stopping crimes such as vandalism or theft. We want to provide security and protection to our clients as we understand no two scenarios are ever the same. This is why we assess each project and client individually to provide the best service. Furthermore, it is unexpected to experience violence at their stores or businesses so many choose unarmed security officers. If you are looking for protection at your business, our unarmed security services may be the best fit for you, your facility, and your location. Feel free to contact us for more information. Get a security guard services quote, and allow us to give you a feeling of safety and comfort as we protect what you love.

Armed Security Guard

As the top armed security guard company in Southern California. We have armed security guards who are authorized, highly trained, and licensed to carry firearms. We commit ourselves to keeping you and your business safe. While we never hope to use our weapons, in very rare cases, armed security guards can reduce the loss of life or prevent it. Additionally, they can prevent other very serious tragedies simply by guarding the area. Our armed guards can be there to make your school, business, or community safe from danger. We are happy to offer our services for security on a “trial basis”. We do not require a long-term commitment and simply want to ensure you feel safe and satisfied with our security guards. For additional inquiries on our armed security guard services, call us and receive a free quote.

Fire Watch Security Guard

Our fully equipped and licensed guards are also trained as fire watch security guards. We meticulously use logs with our services. However, our Fire watch security guard requires to login to the fire watch lad every half hour. This is required by the fire marshal for review and will remain at the property for management. Furthermore, Allied Nationwide Security provides an array of security programs and these services specific for fire watch:

We ensure that our highly trained guards will follow all orders along with offering a trial basis, 24/7 management, clear radio communication, and providing a daily activity report. Call us at Allied Nationwide Security for a free quote today.

 Foot, Bike & Golf Cart Patrol

At Allied Nationwide Security, we understand that security is not a ‘one size fits all’ situation. All businesses and properties will need specific and unique safety measures. This can change based on if our clients are protecting a large venue, a small residential home, a storefront or business, and more.

Along with our other security services including unarmed guards, armed guards, and more, we also offer mobile patrol security. These guards can offer improved security on both commercial and/or residential properties. A large number of our clients enjoy our mobile patrols due to their ability to safely guard more populated areas along with areas that are difficult to access. Because we are fully licensed and highly- trained we offer top security services for all our clients. We go above and beyond when it comes to meeting the state’s requirements for workers’ compensation, general liability insurance, and commercial auto liability coverage. If you are looking to patrol your golf course, a venue, or large gathering, call our number (1-800-955-8417) for a free quote.

Standing Security Guard Service

Allied Nationwide has been protecting people since 2003. In counties including Los Angeles, Ventura, Northern California cities, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego, we protect both commercial and/or residential properties.

As the top security guard services in Southern California. We also offer standing security guard services along with our other array of guard patrols. At Allied Nationwide Security, we expect our security guards to safely protect your loved ones and your property. We use immense justice background checks, drug screenings, and even personality tests. All this is to ensure that our standing security guard services can provide driven and trustworthy security to meet your specific needs. Also, all our guards have trained and completed a meticulous program that exceeds state requirements, and ongoingly receives training from our top supervisors.