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      State License# PPO 14971

      Best Security Guard Company San Francisco

      • Providing Security Service Since 2003
      • BSIS Trained Security Guards
      • Competitive Rates
      • Serving a Variety Of Industries
      • 24/7 Reliable Dispatch
      • Security Officer Tracking System
      • Licensed, Insured & Bonded

      A Few Valued Clients

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      Best Security Guard Company San Francisco

      Security company in Los Angeles

      Allied Nationwide Security is a professional security company in San Francisco, with an extensive guard training program and licensing to protect your home or business. The professionals at Allied Nationwide Security are available to provide you with the greatest level of personal protection.

      Allied Nationwide Security is San Francisco’s best and the industry’s leading security company specializing in uniformed private security services. Allied’s professional staff provides 24/7 protection and is federally licensed to carry weapons on site. We have built a reputation for unsurpassed customer service and dedication to meeting all of our customers’ safety needs through effective risk assessment, training, and implementation of security plans. With Allied Nationwide Security at your service, you will always rest easy knowing that the people assigned to protect your property are the best of the best.

      Our vast experience in the industry has allowed us to develop a company that provides exemplary service and innovative solutions. We are proud to be one of the few security companies with a rigorous screening and vetting process. We keep our employees up-to-date with industry safety regulations so they can make sure clients receive the best service possible. When you call Allied Nationwide, we will send licensed professionals who were highly trained and have an expansive knowledge of how the field works.

      If you need security in your home or business then call Allied Nationwide Security for a free consultation today! We’ll sit you down with our professionals and find the services that make you feel safe, secure, and most of all happy to be partnered with us!

      Private Security Guard Services – San-Francisco

      Allied Nationwide is the premier national private security firm. We specialize in providing top-quality, professional, and highly trained security guard services to corporations, businesses, organizations, and facilities in San Francisco.

      Allied Nationwide is a private security company specializing in corporate security and executive protection, high-risk personnel protection, armed and unarmed bodyguard services, executive protection training, executive protection program development and implementation, background investigations, executive risk mitigation, and mitigation strategies. We are dedicated to protecting your business or family 24 hours a day 365 days a year, anywhere in the world we go all the way to protect our clients. Our reputation for unsurpassed customer service is founded on our dedication to meeting our customers’ needs through effective risk assessment, training, and implementation, traction.

      The security industry is growing rapidly, and Allied Nationwide Security Services provides the highest quality service with our presence. We are a full-service provider of security guards and patrol services. Our company aims to provide protection services for a variety of settings such as residential homes, offices, retail businesses, and government buildings.

      We offer total security solutions backed by the latest technologies and seasoned, trained professionals who know how to solve problems. We are available to provide security guards for businesses around the clock. Businesses that have previously used our services have been impressed by our commitment and efficiency in providing a secure environment. We are a dynamic, diverse, and well-trained security management firm that provides services to clients that range from large corporations to small businesses.

      Allied Nationwide is the leading provider of private security services. We provide our clients with unparalleled customer service and modern technology to ensure their needs are met. For the best private security in your home or business, call Allied Nationwide Security for a free consultation today! We’ll sit you down with our professionals and find services that make you feel safe—plus happy to be partnered with us!

      Industries We Can Guard 24/7 in San Francisco

      Allied Nationwide is a private security company in San Francisco with a diverse staff offering:-

      • Mobile Security, 
      • Trained guards
      •  Armed guards

      Our firm helps:-

      • Businesses,
      • Retail malls, 
      • Industrial companies, and 
      • Residential areas with any kind of security need.

      Our staff is trained through state-of-the-art training programs and has undergone extensive background checks and interviews to ensure that only the best are hired for your protection. We offer affordable rates to meet all budgets.

      We provide security services for any kind of industry. Allied Nationwide is committed to the safety and security of our clients and their assets. Our private security officers are carefully trained, licensed, and Bonded/insured to meet your specific requirements.

      At Allied Nationwide Security, we provide trusted, professional security to businesses and organizations in San Francisco and surrounding areas. With years of experience and a dedicated team of highly trained security guards, Allied Nationwide provides top-notch service that you can count on.

      We provide armed and unarmed security guards, mobile patrols, construction site security, mall/store security, and surveillance. We serve companies of all sizes in any kind of industry including banks, casinos, stores, airports, government facilities, and more! If you need armed guards or mobile patrols, we will work with you to create a customized solution to meet the demands of your business.

      Benefits Of Hiring a Private Security Company in San-Francisco

      Security guards provide several benefits. The most obvious is the physical presence they bring to your company or organization. They can protect property and people as well as prevents theft. Our guards can also be used to direct people, handle traffic, and manage crowds during special events. On top of that, they offer convenience in terms of hours and coverage options while freeing up resources that might otherwise be devoted to those operational tasks. Security guards can help keep a low profile, which makes them less conspicuous than uniformed police officers. Security guards can be more effective than police in certain situations.

      Allied Nationwide is your one-stop security shop for all your private security needs. We specialize in armed guards, unarmed guards, and corporate security. Our team of highly trained guards can provide you with protective services that are specially designed to meet the specific needs of your business or organization.

      Superior Training

      Our guards have superior training with a minimum of 40 hours of classroom learning and on the job training. Other more specialized guards have even more training than that. This training allows them to know what to do in emergency situations and gives them options that other less trained guards might not understand or be able to implement.


      Better Equipped

      We ensure that our guards always have the latest high tech equipment. This allows them to do their jobs more efficiently and allows them to be safer while protecting you and your property. We take pride in the equipment we equip our guards with as it allows them to be the best security guards in Los Angeles California.

      Better Deterrent

      Almost all other security measures are passive. Security guards are active in protecting you and your business. Just being seen is often enough to make criminals and trouble makers think twice.

      Peace of Mind

      When Allied Nationwide provides you a security guard or security team you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best in Southern California. With our guards, you know that you’re safe and secure.

      Looking for a Private Security Company For Any Of These Cities In San-Francisco?

      Looking for a security guard in San Francisco? Allied Nationwide Security Company offers 24-hour private security service in San Francisco. Our guards are licensed, trained, and insured by the state of California. We provide security services throughout the Bay area in cities such as Palo Alto, San Jose, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Menlo Park, and many more!

      If you need a reliable, affordable, and local security guard or private investigator, Allied Nationwide Security Company provides the best in protection services. Allied Nationwide Security Company is rated the premier provider of security guard service in the San Francisco Bay Area by local business owners. We offer a one-stop shop for all your security needs including armed and unarmed guards, executive protection, uniformed and undercover guards as well as a mobile patrol with fully equipped vehicles.

      We have the best-trained, most reliable, and most professional security guards in San Francisco. Our security guard staff are experienced, polite and courteous. Our trained security officers have worked with many clients to deter crime, apprehend criminals, and aid law enforcement agencies in their investigations. We are a full-service security company, serving the cities of Palo Alto, San Jose, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara. Allied Nationwide Security Company provides professional and reliable security guard services to commercial clients.

      We have a large number of active clients in various industries, including office buildings and businesses, shopping malls, banks and financial institutions, residential buildings, and many more. At Allied Nationwide Security Company, it’s our goal to provide the perfect security guard for every individual client’s situation.

      Need Private Security Service In Any Of The Following Counties?

      Allied Nationwide is a security guard company that is here to help you with your security needs. We provide our clients with the best trained and professional guards for their needs. Allied Nationwide currently covers many California counties.Contact us today for a free consultation on all of your options. Our team will help you find the right solution for your situation – all at a reasonable price. You can always count on Allied Nationwide to take care of your business and your employees.

      Security Guard Company Los Angeles

      Los Angeles

      We Protect Property, Assets & People In Los Angeles County.

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      Ventura County

      We Protect Property, Assets & People In Ventura Country.

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      Orange County

      We Protect Property, Assets & People In Orange County.

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      We Protect Property, Assets & People In Riverside.

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      San Bernardino

      We Protect Property, Assets & People In San Bernardino.

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      San Diego

      We protect Property, Assets & People in San Diego.

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      Most Trusted Security Company in San-Francisco

      We have been providing highly trained and professional security guards to a variety of businesses and organizations for over 20 years. Our team members are passionate about providing the best services possible, offering outstanding customer service, and being there for your events 24/7!

      We have the best reputation and great reviews and testimonials. Let us help you hire a security guard for your business. For more information on how we can help your business please contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll set you up with a professional who assesses and builds your custom security plan!


      All of our security guards are registered with the state of California and are excessively screened using a thorough interview process, background checks, and drug testing.


      We believe that training will prepare our officers for real life situations at our client post. It’s important to hire the highest quality individuals with the best instincts for the work, it is critical that we sharpen and refine those basic talents with quality training.


      Identification card worn while on duty.Clean pressed uniforms, shined black shoes, plain buckle with belt, well groomed and hair well trimmed.


      All Of our security guards follow the rules and regulations of our clients as well as our own.They must read the job manual, log and take notes daily for additional instructions. They must follow the post orders of the clients.


      Under the Rules and Regulations of our company, our guards must, especially at any sites whereby one guard relieves another, be present on time in order to get a thorough run down of the site.


      Unarmed guards: Flashlight, Radio / Walkie-talkie, Pen, Log Book, and Time Clock. Armed guards: Gun, Flashlight, Radio / Walkie-talkie, Pen, Log Book, and Time Clock.


      Here are a few questions that we are often asked.

      Our doors opened in 2003 and from there we’ve grown into the most trusted security guard company in Los Angeles and Southern California. Every day we lean on our experience and we use it to help our customers stay safe and secure at all times.

      Yes, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We do this because we believe it’s best to make sure that everything is as professional as possible. Making sure that all of our paperwork is always up to date and that we’re both covered by insurance is essential for all parties involved. That’s why we always make sure our licenses and insurances are up to date and verifiable by our clients.

      Absolutely! Background checks are essential for providing you the security that your business and property deserve. Without extensive background checks, we wouldn’t be sure of who we sent to protect you. That’s why we do very extensive background checks on every single one of our guards that wear the Allied Nationwide Security name.

      Our guards receive nothing less than the best training available because you deserve the best to protect your property and business. We require that every one of our guards have a minimum of 40 hours of training. Our more specialized guards will receive additional training on top of the 40 mandatory hours. We also require that our guards pass all of their associated exams with nothing less than a perfect score.

      Yes, we do! Security doesn’t take a break because it’s past business hours. Whenever you need security our guards will be there to provide it. No matter the time of day or night, you can count on Allied Nationwide.

      Our management team selects all of our guards who wear the Allied Nationwide uniform. From there we do extensive background checks and multiple interviews to ensure that a candidate is right for our company. From there they will go through a couple more processes to ensure that they’re professional and completely above board.

      Our Process

      A qualified Security consultant will discuss your security needs and concerns. This may include the type of property you have, its location, and any past crimes. The Security consultant will ask additional questions that will help determine the type of protective services best fit for your security concerns.

      Following your security consultation, you will receive a detailed proposal that includes an honest and accurate quote. Our rates are competitive; but if a competitor’s price is lower, we’ll match or beat it. Proposals can be delivered via email or fax or presented in person.

      To thoroughly assess your security needs and concerns, a security team manager will schedule to meet with you on-site for a walk-through and to determine what your security plan will be.

      We will adjust the contract as necessary until we are able to achieve complete agreement on expectations, terms, and scope of service.

      We will create Security plan and post orders based upon the contract, conversations with the client, and what we gathered from our site visits. Post orders consist of detailed instructions to inform our guards of their duties.

      We select security guards based on skill set, experience, and personality. We make sure the selected guard is best fit to protect you. The selected guards will be trained on the post orders created for your site, and given any additional vital information, they’ll need to protect your site. Our security guards are licensed by the state of California, highly trained, reliable, presentable and punctual.

      Guards will arrive on-time, dressed appropriately, and prepared to work. All our guards are required to wear clearly identifiable security attire as dictated by the environment, which ranges from professional to casual. Our security measures include daily communication between our guards and management team and mandatory weekly in-house meetings to keep all of our personnel up-to-date on our clients and their needs.

      Our job does not end when we send you a reliable, presentable and punctual officer. it only begins. Clients are provided with daily activity reports, incident reports, and a list of any parking violation warnings. all clients have access to our management 24-hours a day. management will regularly request client feedback on services and personnel, as well as conduct random on-site visits.

      A continual process that includes comprehensive security programs customized for each client, regular quality evaluations, and client feedback. TQM measures such as security inspections, on-going training, and emergency response drills ensure that security officers are meeting the high-level service expectations set by Allied Nationwide Security. Our comprehensive Total Quality Management program allows our clients to enjoy peace of mind.

      We bill regular and ongoing accounts semi-monthly. If you have a temporary account, we will require a pre-authorization charge form, and run the charge upon completion of service.

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