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Total Quality Management

In order to maintain the highest standard and meet each individual client expectations, Allied Nationwide Security has implemented Total Quality Management (TQM).

We know the importance of improving our task and processes. Over time a proven method can become obsolete. As result, we are always looking for better ways to conduct our daily duties. In order to apply TQM, we evaluate each post quarterly based on the following review process:

  • Identifying client expectations
  • Translating client expectations into post orders
  • Establishing performance standards
  • Feedback to the client

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24/7 Access

All clients have access to our management 24-hours a day. We have 24-hours supervision. Our security supervisors meets with clients and employees as necessary to ensure client and employee satisfaction. The supervisor checks the posts and the security officers randomly at your location.

It’s the goal of Allied Nationwide Security to provide a level of security service that exceeds its client’s expectations. Allied Nationwide Total Quality Management is designed to ensure the highest level of performance and client satisfaction.

Total Quality Management is a continual process that includes comprehensive security programs customized for each client, regular quality evaluations and client feedback. TQM measures such as security inspections, on-going training and emergency response drills ensure that security officers are meeting the high-level service expectations set by Allied Nationwide Security. Our comprehensive Total Quality Management program allows our clients to enjoy peace of mind.

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Quality Assurance Survey

We’re continuously looking for new techniques to improve our service. Please take a few minutes and fill out the following quality assurance survey. Your feedback will help us improve our service.

What People Say About Us

#1 Trusted Security Guard Company In Southern California

Walter Quitiz

Construction Site

Los Angeles, CA

“I contracted with Allied Nationwide to keep thieves and vandals off my construction site, and I did not have one problem there for the six months of the project. I highly recommend their security service and I will call them when I get started on my next project”

Joseph Herman


Los Angeles, CA

“The company I work with was having problems at our warehouse with missing inventory and vandalism to our building. AJ helped us to get all set up and our guards were very easy to work with. After working with Allied Nationwide for a few months, our problems began to disappear. One of the best security services in southern California! Would work with again!”


Cypress, CA

“Your company provided top notch service to the City of Bellflower during the construction of the MAYNE Events Center and Fire Museum. Guards were timely and your staff delivered excellent customer service.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Our unarmed security guards undergo extensive training and possess years of experience in security management. They are trained in conflict resolution, surveillance techniques, access control, and emergency response. Our rigorous training programs ensure they are equipped to handle various security challenges with professionalism and efficiency, providing our clients with peace of mind knowing their premises are in capable hands.

Our unarmed security guards play a crucial role in maintaining a safe environment by conducting regular patrols, monitoring surveillance systems, and enforcing access control measures. They act as a visible deterrent against criminal activities such as theft and vandalism, ensuring the security, safety, and well-being of all personnel and visitors. Their presence not only enhances security protocols but also provides reassurance to our clients and their stakeholders.

Yes, our unarmed security guards strictly adhere to all company service and operating standards, as well as local, state, and federal regulations. This includes maintaining proper licensure, adhering to legal guidelines, and staying updated on industry standards. Compliance is a cornerstone of our service, ensuring that our clients receive reliable and lawful security solutions that meet the highest standards of professionalism and legality.

Our unarmed security guards are trained to respond swiftly to emergencies, typically within minutes of an incident being reported. They undergo specialized training in emergency response protocols, enabling them to assess situations quickly and provide immediate assistance to employees, customers, and visitors. Their rapid response capabilities are crucial in mitigating risks, minimizing potential damage, and ensuring the safety and security of everyone on the premises.

Our unarmed security guards employ a proactive approach to protect company property and staff. They conduct thorough property patrols, monitor surveillance systems diligently, and implement stringent access control measures. By maintaining a visible presence and actively monitoring for suspicious activities, they deter potential threats before they escalate. This proactive stance not only safeguards assets but also enhances the overall safety and security of the workplace environment, fostering a sense of security among employees and visitors alike.

Our unarmed security guards follow established procedures tailored to each client’s specific security needs. These procedures encompass comprehensive fire prevention measures, regular property patrols, incident reporting protocols, and emergency response guidelines. By adhering strictly to these procedures, our guards ensure consistency in security operations and effectively address any security challenges that may arise. This structured approach enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of our security services, providing clients with a robust security framework that meets their operational requirements and mitigates potential risks.

Yes, our unarmed security guards are trained and certified in first aid and CPR. This training equips them with the skills and knowledge to administer immediate medical assistance in case of emergencies. Whether responding to accidents, medical incidents, or other health-related emergencies, our guards are prepared to act swiftly and effectively to stabilize the situation and provide vital support until professional medical help arrives. This capability underscores our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone within our clients’ premises, offering added reassurance and peace of mind.

To receive a quote for our unarmed security guard services, please contact Allied Nationwide Security directly. Our team will discuss your specific security needs, assess the scope of services required, and provide you with a tailored security solution that aligns with your budget and expectations. We offer competitive pricing based on the level of security detail needed, ensuring that you receive a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or professionalism. Get in touch with us today to explore how we can enhance the security of your premises and protect what matters most to you.