20 Reasons Why Security in the Workplace Is A Must

If you need security for your office then you’ve probably looked at a security company in Los Angeles. Your workplace needs security more than just about any other property or location. There’s a reason why so many people invest in security and why there are so many security guard companies popping up all over the place these days. The world is getting more dangerous and big cities are the epicenter, not the outliers. It’s more important than ever before that you protect the people who work for you and that you protect your customers as well. There are benefits to having security guards in your business. 

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Security Inspections

You are most likely not a security expert. The people who you work with are most likely not security experts either. That’s where a commercial security guard service in Los Angeles can help you. The guards will have been trained (Assuming you’re working with a reputable company that ensures their guards are licensed) for a minimum of 40 hours. Beyond them are their supervisors who have even more experience working in the security industry. They know what makes a site secure and what does not. This is passed down to the guards you have. They do constant security inspections to ensure that you’re always safe and secure. There’s no substitute for someone who knows what to look for when it comes to your security. 

Better Environment For Customers

Customers who walk through your doof have an expectation. They expect to conduct their business peacefully and to be safe while they do so. If you’re in an area where they might not feel safe by default or you’ve cultivated a poor environment for them then you’re in for a nasty wake up call. Having security handy is one of the ways you can create a safe and welcoming environment. You can make sure that there aren’t trouble makers or individuals who are causing you problems. Security can help ensure that the homeless don’t congregate around your business. this helps create a welcoming and safe environment. Your customers will want to come back more and they’ll be more open to your business when they arrive. 

Better Environment for Employees

Your employees deserve a good working environment to work in and around. You’re going to encounter a multitude of negative things if you don’t go out of your way to create an environment where people want to work and feel good doing so. If you don’t cultivate the proper work environment you’re going to encounter a higher turnover rate, unhappy workers, decreased productivity, and ultimately the company as a whole will suffer as a result. This can be solved by hiring an unarmed security guard service in Los Angeles. With security guards, you can help build a workplace where your employees know that you care about them and their safety. You show that they matter to you and that you’d spend a little extra to keep them safe. Helping them feel better about working for you can have positive effects all around. You will most likely see increased productivity, improved morale, and less turnover because you built a safe work environment. 


Everything should be written down. That’s something that any good security guard services in Los Angeles will take to heart. The part of security guard work that you don’t hear about is the reports that guards have to write. These are sometimes daily and sometimes they’re just irregularity reports. If a guard were to find something suspicious or have to deal with an unusual situation, it will find its way into the report. This is so that you as a business owner can stay on top of things and so that the next guard on shift can be made aware of what’s going on. Everyone stays informed and if there’s ever a need to refer back then they can do that because it’s in the report. 

Conflict Prevention 

It’s likely that sometime while your business is open that there will be some kind of physical altercation. This is especially true when members of the public frequent your location. If you don’t have security then it’s likely that someone who works for you, or a customer gets hurt during this kind of altercation. Well, security guard companies in California have the solution. Having security guards on-site helps to ensure that conflict is prevented. They can intervene before a fight starts and they can stop a fight that has already started. There’s no reason why you should have to wait for the police. Hire security and let them sort out the problem until the police arrive. Their presence can also help to prevent trouble makers and other people who would otherwise cause harm. These people don’t want to deal with security being there and catching them or otherwise causing problems. Security being visible helps to keep everyone on their best behavior. 

Access Control

You should know who’s coming in and out of your business. If you operate in a more private manner you can have security monitor your entrances and exits. This way there is almost no chance that someone who isn’t supposed to enter your building does. Having security there prevents people from sneaking in while others have the doors open and can even help prevent impersonation. They can also help during events as they can check bags and ensure the guests don’t wander to places where they shouldn’t be in the first place. 

Emergency Response

When an emergency strikes you may only have seconds to act before tragedy follows. The average police response time in Los Angeles is 5.7 minutes, which is excellent when compared to the rest of the country. It’s a possible lifetime though in an emergency situation. You need people who are there that can intervene and act responsibly, this could save lives. You need security if you’re going to stay safe and secure in your business. Contact a security guard company in Los Angeles today to see how you can get a security team today.