8 Ways To Get More Guests To Stay At Your Hotel

Hotel operators are always seeking new, unique, and smart ways to provide memorable experiences and attract new visitors. Whether you own a charming bed & breakfast, motel stay, or luxury hotel, follow these eight methods that include personalization, ​hotel security guards​, and advanced smart technology to keep loyal and new guests happy.

1.First Impressions

Making a great first impression is vital in the hotel industry. Your guests should feel special from the second they enter your hotel. Do this by offering welcome gifts, all-day free refreshments in the lobby, providing fantastic customer service, and simply smiling. According to a ​hotelier editor​, “​a positive first impression is a vital start to building a relationship with a potential client – you do not often get a second chance”.​ So an infectious smile goes a long way in making someone feel welcome right off the bat. That is the key to socializing with your guests.

2.Maintaining Relationships

One can increase the number of stays at their hotel by maintaining relationships to keep guests coming back. Maintaining guest relationships by sending follow up emails (before and after a visit), creating personalized guest profiles, and anticipating guest needs is a great way to provide excellent customer service.

3.Reward System

Along with maintaining relationships, hotels should adopt a reward system for loyal guests. With this system, guests will feel more inclined to come back to your hotel. Because they are receiving points, discounts, and special offers. Some ideas from ​suggest offering ​“free room upgrades, early check-in, and late check-out, free spa treatments and guaranteed room availability” ​ for your most loyal guests. So that they will come back more often.

4.Safety First

Many guests insist that the most important feature at a hotel is security and safety. It is essential to have a reliable security system in place for your staff and guests. This system includes everything from staff training, security equipment installation, and hotel security guards​, and for ​security guard service in Los Angeles​, provides CCTV, uniformed guards, additional guard service for special hotel events, parking lot patrol, and a variety of vital services to offer your guests peace of mind. Making your guests feel safe and comfortable is undoubtedly crucial when managing a hotel.

5.Ambiance & Aesthetics

In today’s social-media-driven society, a fun way to invite more guests to your hotel is by creating a stand-out brand. An aesthetic that is unique to your hotel. In Adam Weavers’ article, “​Tourism and aesthetic design: enchantment, style, and commerce​,” so he argues that “​the appearance of hotels is increasingly characterized by a form of commodified enchantment, the product of an aestheticization process that aims to create novelty, surprise, and excitement” ​. Creating a style and sense of place will attract new visitors. This will likely prompt them to share with their followers on social media. so that encourages countless audiences to stay.

6. Like! Follow! Share!

Encouraging guests to take photos and share their experience on social media is a great way to publicize. Sharing your hotel with new potential guests through user-generated content or UGC. So here are some ways to create a more significant social presence:

By doing this, you will make guests feel seen and encourage more guests to share their experiences.

7. Access for All (Inclusivity & Accessibility)

Hospitality is defined as “​the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers”. ​ Because having a hotel that caters to the needs of all people, including those with disabilities and the elderly, is a critical aspect of providing excellent service. It is important to think about how your hotel accommodates those who may need designated handicap parking, elevator access, step-free access, ramps, and more.

8.Smart Hotel

Technology goes hand in hand with accessibility. It may be necessary to make environments more accessible for those with disabilities, such as having automated door openings or making bookings user-friendly with a useful smartphone app. Having a user-friendly application where one can book and manage their stay on their iPhone will keep your guests coming back. Installing wireless chargers, smart-room keys, and app check-in/check-out systems are just a few ways to implement the technology.

Every guest wants to feel comfortable, safe and looked after while staying at a hotel. Showcasing your hotel on social media, hiring more ​hotel security guards​, and improving your hotel technology, are just a few ways to get more guests to stay at your hotel, because make their experience enjoyable and will keep them coming back.