Reasons For Security Guards In Movie Theaters

If you’ve been to any movie theater, you know there are dark areas where large groups of people are sitting close together. This provides the perfect environment for danger to occur at any time, which is why hiring security guards at a movie theater is a smart idea. Here are some reasons for security guards in movie theaters.

Control Crowds

In a movie theater, especially if there is a popular movie playing, is that the guards can control the crowds. Professional guards can monitor the number of people who enter and exit the building, which allows theater employees to concentrate on handling money and other aspects of their jobs.

Deter Theft

There are times when people may try to sneak inside a theater or even steal concession items. If a guard is present, the thief can be apprehended and told not to come back to the theater. Having a guard onsite can help keep the cost of items low for everyone else because there won’t be as many thefts with an officer present.

Prevent Violence

When you combine dark places and large numbers of people, there is a chance for violence. Security guards can stand inside each theater area to ensure violent acts don’t break out. If any violence occurs, a guard can quickly get help or prevent the person from causing harm on his own.

Provide Customer Service

Though security guards don’t usually work directly for the theater, they can still offer assistance to patrons when needed. Customers can ask for directions to the bathroom or other areas, and they can also get information on where to purchase tickets.

Check Bags

At times, there might be a need to check the bags of people attending a film, often for a high-profile movie that is expected to sell out for the showing or for a sneak preview. The guard can make sure people entering the theater don’t have any weapons or other objects not allowed in the building.

Taking Necessary Precautions

Movie theaters around the country are taking necessary precautions to ensure that their viewers are safe from any danger that may occur. This is why you need security guards in movie theaters. Movie theater employees will check backpacks and purses in the hopes of reducing shootings or any other activity that will put others in danger. This is very similar to having your bag checked before going to a concert or into an amusement park; it minimizes risk and keeps everyone’s surroundings safer.

Movie Theater Safety Tips

Safety in movie theaters is very important as you need to make sure your customers are all safe and satisfied. Along with the reasons for security guards in movie theaters here are some tips for you.

1. Be attentive

Be sure to scope out your surroundings before entering the theater and while finding your seats. If someone is acting suspicious, make a judgment call and don’t be afraid to tell the theater manager about what you see. Don’t make it too obvious, but make sure that someone else knows that you feel uncomfortable because of someone else’s actions. If you are really affected by how someone is acting, trade your ticket in for later viewing or a showing for a different day. Not to say that you should always be in fear of seeing a movie, but you should always be cautious and prepared in case of an emergency.

2. Know how to escape

Finding an escape route is important in almost any given situation, but definitely in a movie theater. Given the recent shootings all over the country. When you find your seat, locate the exit signs and plan your route out, just in case. It’s even recommended to try and sit as close to an exit as possible. This will be advantageous when there is an inevitably chaotic exit if an emergency situation were to occur.

3. Keep your aisle clear

Similar to when you are ready for takeoff in an airplane, movie theaters will run more smoothly if there are no hazards in the aisles. Keep your purses and bags in your lap or hand them on the side of your chair. If an emergency arises, it will be a lot easier to get out of the theater.

4. Keep your phone on vibrate

It is important to keep your phone on you at all times in case of an emergency. Instead of turning your cellphone completely off, keep it on vibrate or do not disturb. So that you will be fully ready to call 911 or another emergency contact if applicable.

5. Keep your Location on

This tip should be applied to any situation, especially if going somewhere alone. It never hurts to inform people where are you or where you plan to be. If there were to be an emergency, if your friends and family know where you are it will allow them to be able to arrive quicker. They will be able to easily locate you which will work in your advantage.

6. Avoid midnight showings

Attending late night or midnight showing, especially alone is not a good idea. Try to avoid packed movie theaters. If you do find yourself in the dark or afraid to walk to your vehicle alone, ask the staff for help.