4 ways to prevent trespassing | Hire the best security guard company, Los Angeles

You run a small business or own a piece of property and you’re concerned about the safety of either your property, your employees or both. A perfectly reasonable stance to take. Maybe you just don’t want uninvited guests making themselves at home in the space you’ve sectioned off and paid good money to have. Sometimes that’s a taller order than it might sound. Here’s some tips and simple ways to prevent trespassing on your property. (Hire the best Security guard company, Los Angeles)


Before we really get started we need to clear up what exactly trespassing is in the legal context. The colloquial definition rarely meets the same requirements as the legal one. We all understand trespassing as simple being on private property without permission. The legal definition is quite a bit more complicated and in the state of California there’s a high number of different provisions for what constitutes trespassing. Here’s a brief overview of California trespass law if you don’t feel like reading California penal code 601 and 602. (And which of you will feel like reading it? That’s why lawyers get paid $500 an hour to do) The important distinction between colloquial trespassing and legal trespassing has to do with intent to cause harm or a refusal to leave the property or space, after being asked to leave.

1. Get a sign

To quote Hazlan’s Rozor “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

It is possible that the people committing such a heinous act simply don’t realize that they are in a place they shouldn’t be. Los Angeles is big and sprawling with everything falling on top of everything else. It’s not hard to believe that people have just stumbled into a place they don’t belong, your place. Obviously this rule doesn’t apply if someone walks into your home. There’s not likely any confusion happening.

The sign removes the possibility of this and removes any ambiguity from the proceedings. This is one of the most likely ways to prevent trespassing. It can also make the process of taking legal action easer (Obligatory, I’m not a lawyer) It’s much harder to argue that someone just wondered into a place by accident when there’s a sign.

2. Barriers and fencing

As already established, people are stacked on top of each other in every conceivable way possible in Los Angeles. People wander and they may end up on you property. Putting up fencing of some kind will help inhibit this behavior. Then when people wander they wander around the property instead of through it, which is legal and preferable. Then if you find someone in your property that shouldn’t be there the easy conclusion will be that they climbed over your fence or opened your gate. They wanted in at that point, they didn’t stumble around until stopping in your space. It can make prosecution or any discussion with law enforcement easier and less ambiguous.

3. Ask them to leave

I know, this doesn’t feel like prevention but rather response and you’d be correct, in the colloquial sense. There’s still nothing wrong with politely asking someone to leave. The majority of people will do so and leave. That’ll be the end of it, crisis averted. A small minority though will ignore your request and keeping doing what they’re doing because the moon and sun revolves around them. That’s when you may want to call law enforcement who will assist you if you have a valid claim to the space.

4. Hire a Security firm to supply you with a guard

This is much less for the homeowners and more for the small business people. It shouldn’t be hard to find a firm that’ll give you a reasonable price. Just Google Best Security Guard company Los Angeles. You’ll find what you need for sure. For a small business there really isn’t a better solution than this. They’ll handle everything and they’re trained to do it. They provide a tangible sense that everything is alright and that your employees are safe when they come to work. Plus if something worse than a trespasser decided to come in, they’re also trained handle the situation. You really can’t go wrong with this one.


Obviously if you’re a homeowner you won’t be able to afford (unless one of the bedrooms in your ivory tower has a Scrooge Mcduck style money pit) a security guard and you probably don’t want someone to just watch your house. The other solutions will help you in your day to day as much as anyone else. Follow these ways to prevent trespassing on your property. For the small business owner reading this and struggling with trespassers among other things a security guard will clear all of this right up. Contact a firm today to get a free quote and protect your employees and property today.