Three Reasons why Los Angeles Business Owners Should Hire more Security Guards

Live in the Los Angeles County or Greater Los Angeles Area and have been watching the local news lately. You should be familiar with the recent rise in cases and reports of retail stores, boutiques, malls, and other local establishments becoming victims and targets of petty theft or violent crimes – some of which involve deadly weapons. Some local establishments that recently became victim to crimes are the Topanga Mall Nordstrom department store located in Woodland Hills, a Burlington Coat Factory department store located in North Hollywood, and even a local Calabasas restaurant and bar – the Sagebrush Cantina. With these petty thefts rapidly increasing in occurrences and widely spreading throughout overpopulated small towns and cities within Los Angeles County, it’s not uncommon to find yourself concerned or in fear for your safety and the safety of your business.

Petty theft under California Law is defined as any theft of property under $950. As Los Angeles County’s petty theft rate rises, most criminals have become more inclined to become repeat offenders. But why have cases of petty theft become a more common misdemeanor? The answer to this question is simple: With the lack of police presence due to the Los Angeles Police Department budget cuts and other funding issues, many criminals have found it more convenient to commit and recommit crimes. First-time offenders have now found it easier to become repeat offenders, becoming bolder with each crime committed.

Convictions and standing arrests of offenders of petty theft crimes are more likely to be dismissed, and its charges have decreased to serve less jail time (in most cases only serving up to 6 months of jail time) if found guilty of the charges in a court of law. In some (but not all) cases, offenders can be dismissed of any and all charges depending on the circumstances. With the risk and consequences of these crimes being low, offenders find themselves more motivated to want to take the chance and commit the crime.

Reasons Your Business Needs Security

With the crime rates visibly rising, the increase of thefts, and the volume of violent crimes being reported increasing, wouldn’t you feel more safe and secure with hiring a trained security guard service in Los Angeles as a business owner? Your answer should be a definite ‘YES,’ and here are three reasons why:

On-site 24/7

Security Presence

Increase In Crime

Simply put, the reasons listed above should be enough to help convince you to hire a security guard service in Los Angeles. Not only will it reassure your staff, your customers, and yourself that you can conduct business safely and as usual, but it also may prevent crimes before they even occur. Investing in a security guard service can quickly pay itself off tenfold- mainly if your business establishment is located in a high crime rate city like Los Angeles. Save yourself the trouble and look into hiring a security guard service in Los Angeles today!