Why Security is Critical during the Covid-19 Pandemic

With the current pandemic and plans to slowly and gradually open the state, the need for security services is higher than ever. Most businesses stay closed while everyone is at home but it’s important to consider what services will look like as more begin to open up. Increasing security and safety is more crucial than ever. Here is some of the reasons why security is critical during the Covid-19 pandemic. While some workers may not be needed at the moment, Security Guard Services in Los Angeles are most likely still necessary to guard over services including hotels, hospitals, testing areas, businesses, and more. 


Hospitals are experiencing an influx of people. Although it is recommended that those without any symptoms should stay home, many still visit hospitals. This is where our Security Guard Company in Los Angeles step in. Guards at hospitals can keep more people safe by enforcing social distancing rules, especially at hospitals where sick and healthy people are commingling. As many hospitals are closing certain entrances or designating doors for sick patients, officers can also direct parents to certain entrances. Especially for hospitals experiencing a high influx of people, having designated entrances is key to managing the crowds. Hospitals are one of the most important, if not the most important piece in a pandemic as they keep people healthy and safe. Security guards can help by keeping the hospitals safe and functional for everyone. 

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Along with hospitals, another essential service that remains open is Marketplaces. In the past, many of us have experienced overcrowded grocery stores. Now that we must keep at least 6ft of space between ourselves and others by physical distancing, crowded markets cause a problem. Grocery stores have already made certain changes including measuring the safe amount of people in their stores, having shoppers line up outside while keeping distance, and changing operation hours. Some stores have also adopted the method of taking each individual’s temperature before they can enter a store. This is to protect those inside including shoppers and staff. All of this can be monitored and managed easier with additional security. Security Guard Company in Los Angeles can control the flow of traffic in grocery stores or keep track of the number of people going in and out.

Testing Areas

Last week on Wednesday, Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles Mayor declared that all residents in Los Angeles could get tested for COVID-19. This makes Los Angeles one of the first larger cities in the United States to provide free testing for residents. Testing can more accurately track the spread of covid-19. Therefore move further towards easing stay-at-home rules. If you want to get tested, another important note is that those showing symptoms and frontline workers should receive priority. For your information, the primary symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, difficulty breathing, and cough. Additionally, those with priority include frontline workers such as first responders, critical government personnel, healthcare professionals, grocery workers, delivery, rideshare, taxi, and public transit drivers and credentialed members of the media. Some testing sites are drive-up sites that make social distancing rules easier while others are walk-up sites.

While this is a necessary step to progress in Los Angeles, it also leads to more crowds as people line up to receive testing. Once again, security services step in here to make our society safer during these times. In testing sites, security guards can implement social distancing rules and direct people to where they need to be tested. This makes the testing process much easier for providing tests and those getting tested. Overall, the entire testing experience can be smoother and safer with the help of security guards.


Like most businesses, hotels and schools are also closed. They are not allowing visitors or students on site at the moment. There may still be staff workers or faculty present. Additionally, Businesses, hotels, and schools are closed. This does not mean a crime has stopped in these areas as well. Vandalism and theft are still occurring making these closed schools, hotels, and other businesses more vulnerable to crime. Security services can help protect and guard these areas to keep their business and surrounding communities safe. Particularly for areas that are more residential or in private areas, communities often feel safer with additional security. Clients and businesses don’t want to allow criminals to take advantage of the empty streets and the openness of everything. That’s why they are looking to security guard services in Los Angeles to help protect them and their businesses. 

Parks and Beaches

Due to overcrowding that ultimately leads to the spread of Covid-19, all public parks and beaches shut down a few weeks ago. People have to avoid these areas to prevent crowding. Despite these efforts to keep people home, some people are still wandering to beaches and trails. Especially with increasing temperatures, more and more people flocked Southern California beaches. In some cases, the hazard tape isn’t enough, and police or security guards need to step in. Guards can monitor the parks and beaches. They can remind citizens that these areas are closed and go home in order to stop the spread. Monitoring these spaces will hopefully discourage more people from venturing to beaches and parks.

During these unprecedented times, hospital workers, post office workers, grocery store clerks, security officers, and more go to the frontline to keep us safe and protected. We owe it to these workers to do our part too, by staying home. If it is necessary to go out, we should always wear a mask and keep 6ft of distance. Security guards and officers have always been there to protect our safety and the safety of others. Here is some information by the CDC on the coronavirus for you to be safe. Their mission and purpose have not changed during these times, but their safety is at risk even more so now. Be mindful, safe, and considerate the next time you see a security guard at your local market, hospital, or testing area.